We are working 24/7 to research all the problems that our users may be facing. Below you can find the simple answers to common old problems.

Icon Skins
  • General
  • Issue regarding wallpaper size

    Icon Skins for iPhone FREE, Icon Skins 2 for iPhone FREE and Icon Skins for iPhone database contains 2 type of wallpapers and backgrounds. 

    First type - (displayed with (!) mark) is best suited for iOS6 and non-parallax effect supported devices. You can fit them on iOS7 as well - If "Reduce Motion" in iPhone Setting - General - Accessibility - Reduce Motion is ON.

    This images are made to fit the iPhone screen so the frames and shelves fit the icons. If you use this images without turning Reduce Motion ON, they will be scaled up to be able to move.

    Second type - (without (!) mark) is best for parallax effect - When "Reduce Motion" in iPhone Setting - General - Accessibility - Reduce Motion is OFF.

    This images are made for iOS7 parallax effect and with slightly large resolution than iPhone screen, so when you use them without turning Reduce Motion ON they will fill the space necessary to move and will not be scaled up. Unfortunately this types of images cannot be made with shelves and icon frames. 

    So out of this, for iOS7, either use (!) marked wallpapers with Reduce Motion - ON, or parallax effect supported wallpapers which are without (!) mark.

Rage Wars - Meme Shooter
  • General
  • How to jump?

    To jump, you have to simple touch anywhere on the screen, out of controllers area.


  • Technical
  • After the update, app is requesting to pay for PRO version again.

    If you have upgraded your Fhlashlight to PRO and after the update of new version it requires to pay again, you simply follow the steps, you wont be charged again for this purchase.


    If you've made this action, but you can't upgrade to PRO version, simply delete and redownload the app.


  • Crash after iOS8 update

    After iOS8 update some changes were made for Flashlight app in device settings. To fix the crash simply follow the steps:
    Settings > General > Privacy > Camera > Find our Flashlight and and turn it ON

    Thanks for using our product and sorry for inconvenience 

Place My Face
  • General
  • Restore Purchase

    1. Tap the Menu button on the top left of the screen

    2. Tap "Restore" and wait for the notification.

    3. Go to the pack that was putchased before

    4. Tap "Download" 

    This was the way to restore your purchases, but there is another one as well. You can make a purchase but you won't be charged anymore. 

Icon Skins Builder
  • General
  • Issue regarding saving the created background.

    The reason why you can't save created image is that: when you've opened the app for the first time, you've declined the permission to access to photo gallery. The simple way to resolve this issue is to simply go to Device Settings > Privacy > Photos and turn on the access to photo library for Icon Skins Builder.


  • Icons do not exactly fit on frames and shelves.

    As you might know, the new update of iOS 7 brings new functionalities regarding design of home and lock screens.
    Due to this changes, frames and shelves, cant be positioned on their correct places.
    For now we are working on adjustments and soon the changes will arrive as an update for FREE.

    Thank you all for your patience!


  • Technical
  • Crashes on home and/or lock screen.
    The reason of crashes maybe the incompatibility of new feature of the app, with iOS 5 and older versions. The update is ready and on its way.
Ringtone Garage ® PRO
  • General
  • How to get created tone in your iPhone?

    1. After you've saved the tone, connect your device to iTunes.

    2. Select your device  & go to "Apps" tab        


    3. At the bottom of the page find file sharing section and select "Ringtone Garage".

    Now select the ringtone file and save it on your computer.

    4. Find the ringtone in your computer and add it to iTunes Tones library by double clicking on file, or simply drag it into the library pane.

    5. Go to Phone Tones, to make sure that Sync Ringtones is marked, and click sync.

    6. If you can't see the sharing section or you can't see Ringtone Garage app, just sync your iPhone and it will appear.


  • Technical
  • Issue regarding speech recording and app crash
    We are aware of this issue and apologize for a temporary service unavailability. The update is on its way and will be available soon free for you.
    Thank you for understanding and for being our customer.

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